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Well, it all started in the winter of 2000 and 2001. Jon Barth and Brad Norman decided to start their own punk rock band (despite the fact that none of them had any experience at all on their instrument, in fact, we still had to buy our guitars!) Jon bought his first guitar in December of 2000 and Brad bought his first bass that January. They hooked up with a drummer named Joe Silva. Unfortunatly he really sucked. Jon still really sucked at guitar so they had a second guitarist named Chris Barlow. We had our first show in April and it went really bad. It was quickly determined that we really needed a real drummer.
     F.U. was saved in May of 2001 when they discovered one of the most talented drummers we had ever met, Jon Lambeth. Jon L provided a new energy to the band that had never really been there. We were not a "three-piece" yet, Chris was still playing guitar, but he began to slowly fall out of favor with the band. He was a very talented musician but he didnt seem to want to go in the same direction as the others did. It was during the Middle Years that Jon Barth wrote his first song "Eugene Debs".  By that fall, it was pretty much accepted within the band that Chris was gone. So Jon B decided to get off his lazy butt and write some more songs. This included "Better Things".
    In the spring of 2002, fallingupwards wrote "Failure", "Confession", and "Confused". And finally in July of 2002, F.U. went to a recording studio to record it's first album: "A Road To Nowhere". Chris Kincaid at Studio Grey was great and so was the recording. F.U. had a successful show in the middle of Brad's backyard!!
    Sadly, Brad Norman left the band in November. But he did leave on good terms. He was replaced by Jon Barth's bro, Dan and fallingupwards has really enjoyed having him being a part of the band. We finished making our second demo cd in March of 2003 titled "Take the Time". It sounds very awesome and we look forward to performing the songs live real soon.

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