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Hello everybody, we are Falling Upwards, a pop-punk band centered in Charlotte, NC. In March 2003, we recorded an eight song demo at Studio Grey, thanks to our friend Chris Kincaid. It sounds very awesome and you should really check it out. Here's a link to three of our mp3's on and if you really like them, you will like the other songs too, so go ahead and buy our cd. Also, click on this link to view the new photo gallery:

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we appreciate everyone's support for our music...keep spreading the good news to your friends!! many already have...

This is what various people have wrote about our band (email in order to get in the forum):
"You guys are really good and I like your are the awesomest ever! yeah..just thought you should know cuz people like you need to be loved by the whole world! (i love you guys)"
"Well, I saw mor's way cool comment up there and I figured I should say a little something!  Well, Dan, that loud mouth Kelly let the cat out of the bag with the MxPx thing! BUT I wanted to say you guys are soooo good!  Your all are gonna be huge one day and I'm gonna say... SEE HIM THAT DAN KID HE RODE MY BUS! Have fun making your awesome music because you all are an excellent band!! I will definitely go and check out a show one day soon! Keep rockin'!
"This is one of the best new bands that Ive heard in a long time!! They actually play their own insturments and write their own songs. Falling Upwards will hopefully never sell out to MTV like Blink-182 and many others have. The singer/guitarist is one of the nicest people. Everyone order their cd ASAP!"
"I know when I see a good band, and F.U. is just that. Gold!"
"Hey, wanna know something? Ok, I'll tell you: Falling Upwards is one of the best bands to ever come into existence; you seriously can't say anything bad about them, it's impossible. All the kool people who listen to good music should know about these guys. Spread the news! All should know about this band!"
"Yo, you guys are just loaded with talent. You are just great. I spread word. Word gets spread. Everybody is happy. Keep it up, you put out albums, the fans will buy them.  You guys have a great sound and I feel you got something going. If you guys come to Cleveland, I'll come to the concerts. No doubt. Me and blinkfan479 I'll be there. Peace."
"John sooo good at guitar and singing there is no better. And he's so hott i think he's going to be the next Justin Timberlake or maye 10x better."


"DUDE!!!  This band is so freaking good.  I'm buying five of there cds 
just to pass out to my friends!  The instrumentals, I believe, are 
better than most mainstream bands...on par with Nirvana.  The singing 
is unheard of.  I mean the band deserves platinum status right there!!! 
 Watch out guys because they will be huge in the near future."



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