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October 22, 2003- autumn is such a beautiful time of year up at Appalachian State University, too bad in a month it will be freezing cold with snow on the ground. oh well, i'll just have to enjoy it while it lasts.
hey, i've completed writing several new songs that have turned out very well. my newest one is titled Losing Control, i think y'all will like this one. it has a little more edge to it and stuff.
by the way, in case you have not heard, a little more than a month ago Jon Lambeth broke his wrist but thankfully its healing very fast and we're going to be able to have practice this weekend, since its fall break and we'll all be in charlotte.
we're starting to make plans for recording the album, its either going to be done during spring break or in may. we have not decided where we are going to record it, but its going to turn out excellent i promise you. as soon as we find out where and when we will record, i'll letcha know.
finally, we're making plans with Forgotten Brilliance to do a show in either late november or early december. Forgotten Brilliance is a really cool band, buy their demo if you have not already.
well i think thats it, have a great day! -jon barth

August 29, 2003 - wow, I am really starting to get lazy with this whole website thing. its been exactly two months since the last post... everyone must think we died or something. well we havent... whether that is good or bad, haha. nah, we've been practicing alot, working on a lot of new songs, starting to plan on going back to the studio to record our first full-length album. hopefully get some shows booked for this fall. i promise that as soon as i hear anything, i will come here and post it! haha. talk to everybody later! -jon barth

June 29, 2003 - sorry it has been so long... again. oh well, its ok! well, like i've said before, we have new songs and stuff and we need to record them! money is our only enemy... doesnt money suck! well begin to look for some new shows to come up soon, we've been sending our press kit to some different places. anyway, i'm going to go now... i'll talk to you guys later! -jon barth

June 1, 2003 - well its been awhile. doesnt mean alot hasnt been going on, though! we've got several brand new songs now, and they sound so freakin awesome! you must hear them! we'll be playing two of them on friday at a house party. click on the 'shows' link on the left menu for details.

May 15, 2003 - alright everybody, we have a new show coming up to make up for the cancellation of our previous one. this show is definitly a go... its going to be at the Old Providence Racquet Club in Charlotte on Saturday, May 24. we'll give ya more info as soon as we receive it. -jon barth

may 10 - show cancelled... bummer. yeah i'm kinda pissed about it, but hey, what can ya do? stuff like that happens sometimes. we'll have plenty of other shows this summer to play at. later. -jon barth

may 5 - hey everybody! ok we have the final details about the show now. it is indeed on saturday may 10 at 7:30. we are playing with two other bands: murphee k and last chance. it should be a rockin party so i want everyone to come who can! directions to the house are given on the 'shows' link on the left. -jon barth

april 24 - wow, it has been a while since i have last posted anything. you know what that means... yeah, not much as been happening. but we are looking forward to this summer a whole lot, which will be kicked off on may 10 when we play our first show of the season. saturday may 10 in charlotte. we're going to be playing with at least one more other band, and maybe more. we'll let you know as soon as we find out. well i'm just writing alot of songs right now and stuff so maybe you'll be able to hear one of them at the show. well i just thought i would letcha know, talk to ya later. -jon barth

april 1 - FALLINGUPWARDS HAS BROKEN UP. YOU WILL NO LONGER BE FORCED TO LISTEN TO CRAPPY MUSIC... just kidding folks. it is april fools' day so i thought i would try and fool ya. did it work? ok out of all my dumb posts, this is probably the most dumbestest... or whatever, yeah. ok bye bye. -jon barth

march 30 - hey everyone, whats up? we had an awesome practice yesterday, i am so looking forward to when we start playing at shows. its all gonna start may 10 and i cannot wait. we really wanna play a show in april, but with me at school and everything its too hard. but we practiced our set and everything, so we're ready. and on a side note, i went to the hopesfall concert on friday with dan and it was very cool. hopesfall is the best band to ever come out of charlotte and its good to see that they've "made it". well have an awesome week and don't do anything i wouldn't do! -jon barth

march 21 - hey everybody. the new mp3's are finally up on so everyone can get a taste of what the new cd sounds like. hope ya like the songs we chose to put on there. continue to tell all ur friends about us. thanks! -jon barth

march 15 - the cd is finally complete! it really does sound awesome and i am sure that you'll agree. i'm gonna put some of the mp3's on our mp3 site so you can here a couple of the songs. but everyone needs to buy the cd! i put a link on the home page so you could buy one. ok i gotta go now, see ya! - jon barth

march 12 - alright guys, the recording process is almost all done. we finished up all of the drum tracks yesterday and finished the guitar tracks today. we're gonna do vocals tomorrow and do the mixing on friday and saturday. that is the plan anyway. well everything is sounding very very good so far...we cannot wait for you to hear the new material! the vocals ought to be fun tomorrow. i promise i'll try to stay in key!! haha. talk to ya later, bye. - jon barth

march 10 - this was the first day in the studio. unfortunately, we were not able to spend a lot of time in it today. but we were able to set everything up so we will be able to start the scratch recording right away tomorrow. hopefully we can get the scratch recording and drum tracks finished tomorrow. we'll keep ya up to date. ok bye. -jon barth

march 8 - hey everyone, whats up. nothin too much goin on here, i'm on my spring break and stuff so we've had time to practice all of the songs before we go to the studio on monday. we had a good practice today and polished up all the songs. we'll squeeze in one more practice tomorrow, hopefully. jon lambeth has some stupid senior exit presentation or somethin to work one, so we'll try our best to fit in one last practice. doesnt high school suck??? oh well. i'm really excited because i just found out the name of the new mxpx album: before everything and after. i've never looked more forward to an album in my life. its comin out in april, i cant wait. anyway, saturday night live is about to come on, so i'm gonna go. bye bye. -jon barth

march 5 - fu fans/members of the fallingupwards underground network:  i am the new bassist of fallingupwards. for anyone reading this, i am truly sorry you have nothing else to do and i am thankful that you choose to use these few moments to read this message. expect a better singer in jon b, a new bassist in me, an excellent guitarist in jon b, and jon l is perfect (he cant improve). listen to our music!! it is our job to entertain you. so be entertained!! -dan barth

march 4 - hey guys, this is the first day of the new website. i hope you guys like the new format, its kinda cool. we have the artwork for the new cd cover. just six more days till we hit the studio. its gonna be very very exciting. i cant wait. we'll keep you updated daily on the website, so stay tuned. -jon barth