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where i dont wanna go
dont know whats wrong with me, i feel so down i feel so insecure
i have these moments in my life where i feel like there is no cure
what should i do from here? thats all i want, please tell me if you can
how should i know where i should go if i dont know where i am?
i feel bombarded by these feelings that i have all caught in me
i miss those days when i was young, when i was innocent and free
maybe some day i'll see just where i am and just how far i've gone
but as for now i'm stuck right here just waiting for life to go on
all i want is to live a happy life, dont care about material things
so you can take the things of this world, i wont let it control me
i'm not really asking for much, so why is it that so much is being asked of me?
and i'm not scared now, i'm not so scared now
i'm not as scared as i was before, cuz now i know where i dont want to go!

take the time
i dont wanna have another day like the one i had today
and i dont want to live my life this way
take the time to understand just what's goin on in your life
i've found so many faults in me, i wish i could change those things...
but i dont have time
i dont have a clue whats goin on or what i want to be
i had another crummy day today, but thats not so uncommon for me
and i dont have time to fool around
cuz life's too short to fool around...
i hate time!

the least of concerns
the least of concerns is that you're satisfied with everything i do or say
the least of concerns is that you're happy with the way that i am living my life
so i could not care less of what you say about me here...
i dont care what you say about me! i dont care what you say behind my back!
ya know i used to worry bout little things like that
but now i feel so free cuz i can do what i wanna be
if you knew who you were or what you're standing for then maybe you would leave me alone
its whats inside our hearts that matters in the end and your's is not where it should be
i dont mean to judge, but your actions and words speak for themselves...

lemme teach you a lesson about american government
all the laws are made by corporate businessmen
right-wing conspiracy have taken all our liberties
unemployment and poverty are not so uncommon now
they give to the rich and steal from the poor!
we no longer live in a free democracy!
its unpatriotic to question the authority
they want more more cuz its never enough
until they get all the money from the poor!

solitude sucks
you are what i have always hated to be
and my understanding is that you dont want me to leave
(but i guess its kind of hard to leave yourself)
solitude sucks!
i'll lock the door to my room so no one can come in
your presence haunts me as i slowly bleed to death
(so i'll slowly bleed to death all over you)

another song about loneliness
another chance, another day of wasting away
i called her up at half past eight,
she wasnt home so i left a message on her machine
i'm so tired of friday nights alone
and listening to better things while waiting by the phone
and wondering just what i'm doing sitting here at home
its dark outside and getting late, loneliness is my date
the tv's on, its always on... i hate that thing
i dont know why i have to go through this,
it seems like i'm the only one who goes through this
maybe i'll just crawl right back upstairs and play my guitar...
i'm so tired of writing all my songs
about how depressed i am and how i cant get girls
and how i feel so lonely in this superfiscial world

as time goes by i'm stuck inside a neverending circle going round and round again
what to do with myself? its one of the many questions that i always have
i am so confused. i am always confused...
as time goes by i'm stuck inside a neverending circle going round and round again
maybe i dont have that much to lose
what to do with myself? its one of the many questions that i always have
i feel so nervous everytime that you're around
i am not the type of guy who ever gets anything right on the first try
so leave me here by myself, i'll never hurt anyone as long as i'm alone

better things
i know you're alone, i can see you there
you're stuck in your room, your heart's full with despair
funny it seems how much we are the same
you want to stop playing life's little game
well i know what you're going through
you're lonely just like me
you're sittin in your room all alone watchin days go by
wishing there were better things to do
you know i'm alone, you can see me there
i'm stuck in my room, my heart's full with despair
funny it seems how much we are the same
i want to stop playing life's little game
you're not the only one who feels this way...

eugene debs
he thinks the whole world revolves around her but he doesnt know that she doesnt think the same thing about him
but he keeps on living life, pretending that she cares
he talks to her like she's interested, but she doesnt care about any one thing that she has to say
but she keeps on listening, pretending that she does
he's blind to it, cant touch it, cant see past his own two feet
but when its all said and done, its hard to watch
it doesnt matter what he says or does
nothing he can ever do will ever change those things
its sad to watch, its pitiful
all she ever cares about are the gifts he's gonna give her today
but he will never give up on her, he's not a quitter
he'll do anything to keep her by his side
and he wont let her talk to any other guys
he's shortsighted, closeminded, cant tell that she doesnt care
but when its all said and done, its hard to watch
if only he knew what he's going through it would make his life a whole lot easier...

a doctor a day keeps the apple away
broken hearts and tragic stories of a life that's been denied
of any kind of happiness that you should feel inside
and everytime you turn around, you see them criticizing you
there's no way they'll ever understand what you've been through
what you've seen and what you've heard isn't quite what you deserve
no one cares of what they say, so be different in your own way
take some pride in who you are
they want you to obey the rules and standards that they've set
and you dont fit the profile of the kind they would accept
they'll try to get into your mind and tell you they're the only way
just do what's best for you and you'll be fine

losing control
don't take what you've heard now
question what they say
the system is telling you how to behave
when everything they've taught you isn't real
and everything you've done in life has failed
you don't ever want to lose control
don't let them control you
because they will corrupt you
they want a piece of your soul
it's inevitable